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Ferron: girl on a road

A New Documentary Film by Gerry Rogers.

Before the Indigo Girls and before Ani DiFranco, there was Ferron, whose plaintive and poetic songs provided the soundtrack for an entire generation of lesbians. Nearing 60 and feeling the urge to reconnect with her audience, Ferron reunites with her band to perform a concert after nearly a decade away. Internationally award-winning director Gerry Rogers (My Left Breast) is there to capture the moment.

Part performance film, part biopic, Ferron: girl on a road traces, the life, the songs, the loves, the heartbreaks, and the pioneering path carved by a true folk legend. Intimate, and sweeping all at once, this film moves beyond “chronicle” and captures in word and deed, the essence of a visionary artist, and the soul of an icon. It is a celebration!

Opening on British Columbia´s Saturna Island, where Ferron welcomes her band mates into her home to rehearse, the action shifts to a stage in Victoria, where Ferron and the band perform some of her most adored songs — Shadows on a Dime, Girl on a Road and Snowin’ in Brooklyn.

Interspersed between tunes are interviews with the band members and with Ferron herself, who talks openly about her painful childhood, her rise and fall in the music industry, her past feelings of shame regarding her Native ancestry and, finally, about coming to terms with herself after a lifetime of struggles.

Documentary: 73 minutes
Producer/Director: Gerry Rogers
Camera: Peg Norman
Editor: Lyly Fortin
Music Editor: don db benedictson
Release date: summer 2009

T. 709-726-3472
Fax 709-726-5647

Ferron: Girl on a road press kit (Word Doc or PDF).
Ferron: Girl on a road DVD poster (PDF) and postcard (front – PDF).

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