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Ferron: girl on a road (2009)

Part performance film, part biopic, Ferron: girl on a road traces, the life, the songs, the loves, the heartbreaks, and the pioneering path carved by a true folk legend. Intimate, and sweeping all at once, this film moves beyond “chronicle” and captures in word and deed, the essence of a visionary artist, and the soul of an icon.

Pleasant Street (2004)

You expect to see your neighbours outside on the street where you live.
But what happens when you meet them in the cancer ward, and you’re all wearing matching hospital gowns?

That’s what happened to award-winning filmmaker Gerry Rogers, who was in hospital for her second mastectomy. Directly across the hall was Leida Finlayson with melanoma, and just up the corridor was Ken Hickey with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. It turns out they all live just a few doors from each other on Pleasant Street.

My Left Breast (2000)

With startling honesty and immediacy, Newfoundland filmmaker Gerry Rogers began filming her ordeal with breast cancer the moment her hair started falling out from chemotherapy. You are with her at 4 in the morning when she expresses her deepest fears and her most intimate feelings; she takes you to her doctor’s appointments and family gatherings; you are in the chemo room as the toxic red liquid is pumped into her body; you are in the radiation chamber as she gets zapped with the equivalent of 10,000 chest x-rays; you join in the singing and magic of the most joyous Christmas party; you attend the pot-luck wig “hair-raiser” which she organizes in defiance of cancer; you laugh with her as she lies next to a bald-headed seal that rests on a local beach near her Carbonear home. You are there as Gerry lives life with her partner Peggy, who nurses, films, and loves her. You won’t watch this film, you will experience it – and you will never see the world quite the same way again.

Terre Nash
Academy Award-Winning Director
“If You Love This Planet”

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